Sea-lebrations on the Seashore!

Sea-lebrations on the Seashore! 1702 630 adam Michaels

The salty sea air. Gusty ocean winds. The crisp sound of waves crashing. Guests of the #IlawMeSomeMelendez wedding enjoyed just this, as Morgan and Michael got married! The wedding, nestled into the beautiful Surf Club on the Sound, went off without a hitch, as the soothing sounds of the sea playfully danced underneath the music of the ceremony. The party, serenaded to “Just the Way You Are“, “Endless Love”, and “This Will Be”, by our pianist and harpist, Pablo and Tomina, was certainly joyous as Morgan and Michael tied the knot, and made it official!

The next step was cocktails, where our jazz trio treated the party to some sweet tunes in the upstairs section of the surf club. But everyone was ready to cut a rug, and that meant that it was time for the reception to begin! The Bridal party entered to a killer rendition of “Crazy in Love” by Lauren, and shortly thereafter, Morgan and Michael entered to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, a perfectly appropriate post nuptials bop! After Darius finished his pitch perfect rendition, he moved on to deliver (pun intended!) the next song of the night: the first dance! Morgan and Michael took to the floor, and everyone looked on fondly as “Glad You Exist” gently welcomed the new couple to the world as husband and wife.

While tugging on the heartstrings, why not move on to the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances? Raoul and Morgan shared a sweet moment as they danced around the floor to “I’ll Be There“, and Elizabeth and Michael finished off the tearjerkers with “Amor de Madre”, both beautifully sung by Karen! With so many tears shed, the party was in need of an energy boost, and what better way to do that than with some cake! The party all got their sweet tooth fill as Darius treated them to “Sugar“, a fitting tune!

With a sufficient amount of sugary goodness in their systems, the party was ready to take to the dance floor, and our A-List Band was ready to play! Fan favorites of the night included “Vivir Mi Vida“, “Felices Los 4”, and “Classic”, and everyone took part in line dances and freestyles alike! By the time that the final song played and everyone was heading home, there was plenty of celebrations had, and plenty of memories made. For Morgan and Michael, it was a perfect day, and one that they will never forget!