Now Everything Is Easy… Because of You!

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It’s a tale as old as time: boy and girl swipe right. Boy and girl match. Boy and girl start texting everyday. And, before they know it… they’ve fallen for each other! This past weekend, we got the chance to celebrate a love that resulted from this very crucible: Alexis and Richard’s! They had plenty of dates over the years, from IKEA to Terra, and everything in between! Four short years later… they were engaged! We joined them in Brooklyn, at the Box House Hotel, and while the weather may have been particularly chilly, we were ecstatic to tag along!

On the rooftop of Box House, with the sun just beginning to set (curse you, Daylight Savings!), our ATE pianist, was set to go! As guests arrived, our pianist played a playful blend of music, so that by the time that he lead the processional, “Yellow”, they were warmed up for the ceremony! Between “Landslide” for the Bride’s song, and “Blackbird” for the recessional, everyone was delighted by the keys! And, before they knew it, it was time for the next step… the cocktail hour!

As the party transitioned over to the cocktail hour, the guests were welcomed by a jazz trio! The guests grooved, mingled, and drank, as the band began setting up for the main event… the reception! Before long, the hand hit the final hour, and it was time to transition over. And well timed, too, as more and more of the party was ready to cut a rug!

Once the party had taken their seats, it was time to get the night started! The band got the ball rolling with “Love On Top”, as Alexis and Richard entered as husband and wife! The newlyweds looked gorgeous! They took their positions on the dance floor, and Katrina dealt out another song: this time, it was their first dance! “Our House” was the perfect song for Alexis and Richard, but it wasn’t the last song of the night! After dinner, and some other treats, the dance floor opened up for all those who were interested in cutting a rug! The Around Town vocalists were happy to oblige! They blessed the reception with “Valerie” and “Dancing On My Own”, and treated everyone with “Float On”! Over the course of the night, everything from Whitney Houston to Gotye was played and everyone had a ball dancing! Just another day at the best job in the world… celebrating life’s happiest moments!