Fast Friends and Faster Love

Fast Friends and Faster Love 1624 968 adam Michaels

Some couples truly define “meet cute” in a new way–we’ve all heard some super adorable tales of how true loves came to be. It’s a beautiful reminder of just how wonderful life can be, even when it feels mundane. And this weekend, we got to hear all about a textbook example of this with Julie and Dan! Their first meeting was simple: while Dan was at an internship in the city, and Julie was settling into a new apartment, and a new job. On the roof of a mutual friend’s apartment, Dan tripped over a wire, Julie witnessed and laughed–and the spark had officially flown!

Once they talked for hours, they knew they never wanted to be apart–and a quick cut to five years later, and we were attending their wedding! At Rockrimmon Country Club, the guests took their seats for the ceremony, and our ATE pianist Justin was already playing to set the mood! Once the processional began, “Just The Two of Us”, there was already hardly a dry eye in the house! From there, “Your Song” welcomed the bride, and before anyone could even prepare themselves, Julie and Dan were officially newlyweds, and heading down the aisle to “Dancing In The Moonlight”! With that, it was time to party!

The celebrations kicked off with a serene cocktail hour! Our jazz trio, with Justin, Jed, and Mike, was already prepped and ready to go! As everyone chatted about the ceremony, grabbed a bite to eat, and enjoyed the beautiful views, our trio was treating everyone to some soft jams! Everyone grooved to their heart’s content. And they had plenty of grooving left to do, as we made our way to the main dining room!

Before long, the guests took their seats, which could only mean that the reception had begun! With a stellar set of lights set up by Adrian, the main dining room had never looked better! And the guests were ready for some celebrating, which meant that it was time for the grand entrance! Brian served up “Feel So Close”, as Julie and Dan entered the party! (And no wires were tripped over. Wink, wink.) Seconds later, they made their way to the center of the dance floor, and Brian and Jamie were ready to deliver the first dance! And “You’re All I Need To Get By” was the perfect choice for such a beautiful couple–there wasn’t a single guest or musician in the building who didn’t feel the tug at their heartstrings!

From there, the entire party got the chance to get up and move, as it was time for the hora! With all vocalists joining in, the roof (and the chairs) were well raised! After the floor was cleared, it was time for Julie and her father’s dance! Together, they twirled to “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”, which Brian crooned perfectly! And shortly thereafter, it was Dan and his mother’s turn, with Jamie’s gorgeous take on “In My Life”!

With plenty of excitement to spare, the party was more than ready for their time to cut loose! From Panic! to Kelly Clarkson, there were plenty of crowd favorites, but few moments compared to the crowd reactions for Jamie’s renditions of “High Horse” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”, and Lauren’s spin on “I’m Still Standing”! And by the time that the final note was played, hardly anyone could still stand–it was truly a party that left it all out on the floor!