Bumble, Hinge, Altar!

Bumble, Hinge, Altar! 1722 968 adam Michaels

When Erin and Andrew first met, it wasn’t in the hallways of school, or at the grocery store, or even at the park! In fact, when they first crossed paths, they didn’t even formally meet! Erin and Andrew matched originally on Bumble, and even though Andrew could extend the timer, Erin neglected to message Andrew first! (As is the rules on Bumble!) Cut to two years later. On Hinge, Andrew comes across a picture of a redhead in a genie costume–and knew he had to take advantage of his second chance! From there, they talked about their mutual love of puppies… and the rest is history!

At the beautiful Indian Trail club, Erin and Andrew were ready to tie the knot! Our guitarist, treated the attending party to “Everything” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”… and before everyone knew it, it was official! As the Around Town Entertainment’s guitarist played the fittingly chosen recessional song, “Marry You”, and Erin and Andrew made their way down the aisle, everyone was ready to celebrate! Not too far away, the Around Town Entertainment’s cocktail hour jazz trio was ready to go! As the entire party entered, they were treated immediately to some dulcet tunes! Mingling and drinking, the party prepped for the main celebration: the reception!

When the clock finally struck 6, everyone knew it was time! Everyone took their seats. Then, the Altitude Band guided the bridal party entrance with “Party In The USA”! From there, they immediately pivoted to welcoming the man and woman of the hour: Erin and Andrew! With the Altitude Band’s spin on “I’ll Be There For You”, the newlyweds made their way to the dance floor–and did a funny pre-first dance to “The Trouble With Boys”! The crowd cracked up! Then, Erin and Andrew were really ready–and danced to “Until You” for their first dance!

From there, the entire party readied their tissues, as Erin and her father took the floor for their father/daughter dance, Tim’s rendition of “I Loved Her First”! Shortly thereafter, Andrew and his mother spun around the floor to “My Wish” for their mother/son dance! After such an emotional whirlwind, the party was ready for a sugar rush–so as the cake was sliced, the Altitude Band treated everyone to “Can’t Help Myself”!

After plenty of emotional moments, the party had more than earned their chance to dance and let loose! There were plenty of highlights over the course of the night, but the party went particularly crazy for “September” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”! By the time that the final song of the night, “New York, New York”, played the final note, it was time to say goodbye. But the entire celebration was so wonderful, it was sure to be a strong memory for years to come!