How Sweet It Is!

How Sweet It Is! 1754 984 adam Michaels

2012. Curiosity Rover lands on Mars. The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. The Giants win the World Series. And in New Jersey, another history-book making event was happening: Samantha and Keith were meeting for the first time! Sam and Keith both attended a party, and spark flew immediately! From there, they were inseparable; snow-boarding in Colorado, swimming with dolphins in Mexico, and, of course, hanging out by the Jersey Shore! When Keith finally proposed at Spring Lake, the answer was absolutely yes! (And they have the pictures to prove it!)

When the attending party arrived to the ceremony at Eagle Oaks, everything was absolutely perfect. The warm weather, with the fall foliage just visible on the trees, made for the perfect day! Our ATE pianist, Pablo, along with our ATE string musicians, were in position, and there ceremony began! With “Blackbird”, “This Must Be The Place”, and “Cleopatra”, the ceremony had a beautiful lineup of music. And before we knew it, it was over! They were officially married!

That could only mean that the cocktail hour had arrived! The entire party made it to the East Ballroom, and our ATE jazz trio, Pablo, Brian, and Chris, were all already prepped and ready to go! As everyone discussed the beautiful ceremony, drank, and caught up, our jazz trio lent some gentle jazzy tunes to the hour. And we were just in the West Ballroom, getting prepped for the big celebration: the reception!

As the cocktail hour ended, and everyone took their seats, we got the ball rolling! Amanda kicked off the evening with “Let’s Get Loud” and “We Found Love” to introduce both and the bridal party, and the bride and groom themselves! The crowd cheered uproariously as Samantha and Keith made their debut as husband and wife! Once they made their way to their first position, Tim served up their first dance on a silver platter: “Coming Home”, a perfect fit! From there, the attending party rolled with the emotional punches, and got prepped for the parent/child dances! For Samantha and her father, Tim sang “My Little Girl”, and for Keith and his mother, Elsa sang “You’ll Be In My Heart”!

As a treat for enduring such an emotional set of songs, it was time for cake! Elsa serenaded the crowd to “How Sweet It Is”, as they got a little sugar rush boost! And perfect timing, too, because it was time for some serious dancing! As the party got started, we broke out our best songs! Amanda served up “Levitating”, and joined forces with Tim for “Cold Heart”! But the true, iconic moment of the night was by far the guest singing spot: when we got a beautiful rendition of “Born to Run” by a friend of the bride and groom! By the time that we made it to the final song, no one wanted to say goodbye–especially not us!