No Matter The Weather, I’ll Keep You Dry

No Matter The Weather, I’ll Keep You Dry 1464 912 adam Michaels

There are plenty of absolutely knock-you-out, starry-eyed places to hold a wedding in New York City. After all, the Big Apple is not at a shortage of beautiful sights, so to get married in some of those venues is a no brainer! But if the city that never sleeps is beyond your speed, there is a very reasonable alternative: why not take a little trip across the river to New Jersey? With the water just below, and the skyline stretching out on the horizon, it’s a formidable option for gorgeous views. And we’d know firsthand, as we got the chance to celebrate Chloe and Mark at the beginning of November at Battello!

With the big windows behind him, our Around Town Entertainment pianist, was already in place as the guests arrived, and welcomed them in with plenty of beautiful music! Over the course of the ceremony, he dished out perfect renditions of “Canon In D”, “Ocean Eyes”, and “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”. And before they knew it… the knots were tied!

From there, it was time for the cocktail hour! A bassist, guitarist, and pianist made up the jazz trio, and as the attending party entered, they were already setting the tone of the evening with some jams! The evening continued to unfold as everyone drank and mingled. And back in the main dining room, we were preparing for a stellar reception!

When the clock struck 7, the guests shimmied their way over to the main event! Once the guests took their seats, the Around Town Band welcomed in Chloe and Mark with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”! The crowd was perfectly warmed up, and good timing, too, as Chloe and Mark took their places for the first dance! The band served up a beautiful rendition of “I’ll Keep You Dry”, and from there, continued on to serenade both of the mother/child dances! Chloe and her mother danced to “Isn’t She Lovely”, and Mark and his mother danced to “Days Like This”.

After so many emotional moments, the party was ready to let loose, and perfectly timed, too–because we had plenty of perfect dancing songs ready to go! The band played Chloe and Mark’s favorite songs, including “Mr. Brightside”,  “…Baby One More Time”, and “Into the Mystic”! As the night continued on even further, with songs from Toto to Sade, everyone danced away into the late hours of the night!