From The DMs to The Altar!

From The DMs to The Altar! 1658 974 adam Michaels

When Cassidy and Justin first met, it was 2011. They were in Spanish class, and Cassidy’s bright and sunny personality knocked Justin off his feet. It was then that he knew, he had to get to know this girl better! Before “sliding into your dms” was a thing, people had Facebook Messages–and that is where Cassidy and Justin’s romance blossomed. After officially getting together, they were inseparable through all sorts of different life events, including college and the pandemic–and now, they’ve tied the knot!

After a gorgeous ceremony off site, Cassidy and Justin made their way, party in tow, to the gorgeous Madison Hotel–where we were waiting to get the celebrations started! When the party arrived, thirsty and ready for some fun, we were already set up with our jazz trio and playing some cocktail hour tunes! As everyone mixed and mingled, our After Party Band was just a few rooms away, in the Ballroom, preparing for the reception! By the time that everyone had sufficiently wet their palettes, we were all ready to go–and that meant that the main event was about to begin!

As everyone took their seats, the After Party Band was ready to wow the crowd with the entrance songs for both the bridal party and the newlyweds themselves! For the maids of honor and the groomsmen, she performed an amplifying rendition of “Levitating”, and for man and woman of the hour… “Crazy In Love“! (A fitting song for two lovely people who had just been wed!) As everyone settled, Cassidy and Justin positioned themselves for the first dance–and Elsa delivered! After spinning around the floor to “Still the One”, the crowd could barely contain their emotions! But they’d have to hold on a little while longer, while our After Party band tugged at the heartstrings once more, with a one, two, punch… the parent/child dances! Cassidy and her father danced to “Sweet Child O’Mine”, and Justin and his mother danced to “Let It Be“, both gorgeous performances by the band!

From there, it was time to dance! The night had plenty of roof-raising moments, but there were definitely a few that stood out starkly among the rest–where the party tore up the dance floor! Between the band’s incredible take on “American Girl” and “Born to Run”, and “My Own Worst Enemy”, the party could not get enough! By the time that the night was over, everyone was so danced-out, that they were happy to tuck themselves into bed. Congratulations to Cassidy and Justin!