From “Donuts” to “I Do!”

From “Donuts” to “I Do!” 1152 802 adam Michaels

Alex and Amanda first met their Sophomore year of College at Ithaca. Their first memory together is being assigned to the same table for Physics lab, getting a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and distributing the donuts to the rest of the group together. From there, Alex said it was love at first sight, and as they became closer friends, Amanda started to fall in love, too! When it became official in 2018, they both knew–they were a perfect match! Even more exciting is the fact that we were invited to come along–and play some great music, of course!

With Autumn’s fresh cold snap temporarily avoided, we were happily settled on the lawn for the ceremony! Our After Party Band pianist, set the tone for the afternoon with “A Thousand Years”, “Canon in D”, and “Marry You”–and before long, it was official! With the knot newly tied, the party headed to the cocktail hour, where our jazz trio treated the entire party to some cocktail hour tunes! With everyone sufficiently warmed up for the main event, the reception, it was time to get a move on–the dance floor was waiting!

After everyone took their seats, Esther kicked off the night! With her renditions of “Don’t Start Now” and “Love On Top”, the remainder of the party not only made it to the floor, but made it in style! With Alex and Amanda at the centerstage, the After Party Band got the ball rolling with “Better Together”, the first dance! From there, it was a quick turn around to the next step–the parent/child dances! Amanda and her Dad shook things up with a back to back dance of “Cinderella” and “Jump Around,” and Alex and his Mom spun beautifully around the floor to “My Wish!”

For the rest of the night, the party drank, ate, and partied (of course)! There were plenty of great songs that were a hit with the crowd, but everyone particularly loved “About Damn Time” and “Shout”, both of which got plenty of party participation! By the time that the final song played, and everyone grabbed their bags, no one wanted to leave (especially not us)! Congratulations, Alex and Amanda!