From State to State, There Was Always… You

From State to State, There Was Always… You 1640 950 adam Michaels

No matter what life throws at some of us, there are some things that are a constant. Death and taxes are two of the more grim examples of this–but true love is another! Such is so clearly the case with Kimberly and Jake! After meeting in college, Kimberly and Jake went through the ringer in terms of relationship hurdles: long distance, lots of moves, and of course… a pandemic! But after all of that, they were engaged–and we were invited to come along!

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, our guitarist Dave started the ceremony off right! Outside of the gorgeous Senate Garage, with the right weather, Kimberly and Jake tied the knot! With tunes like “Can’t Help Falling in Love“, “XO”, and “The Black and White”, the crowd was truly moved–and by the time they wiped their tears, it was time for the cocktail hour! While everyone drank and mingled, our jazz trio, set the mood with some light, jazzy tunes! Before anyone knew it, the main event had arrived… the reception!

Inside the beautiful event space, the entire party settled into their seats, and turned their attention to the door, where the newlyweds emerged! Tim welcomed them into the room with a gorgeous rendition of “The Black and White”, and with that, the lovely couple positioned themselves for their first dance. As Kimberly and Jake spun around the floor, the Altitude Band readied the next double whammy of emotional gut punches–the parent/child dances! For Kimberly and her father, he sang “In My Life”, and for Jake and his mother, “My Wish”! With all that said and done, the party was ready to cut a rug… and it was definitely their turn! (After dinner and dessert, of course!)

The final chapter of the night included tons of dancing, which had some obvious highlights: Amanda’s stellar renditions of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, “You Go Down Smooth”, and “Still the One”, and Carla’s impeccable takes on “American Pie” and “Valerie” for sure! But by far, the highlight of the night didn’t include any of our ATE vocalists, but certainly included our incredible band! After an amazing stretch of dancing, our vocalists got to take a little break while Jake’s Dad took the mic for a roof raising version of “Jailhouse Rock“! By the time we packed up and went home, we were definitely still talking about the take on an Elvis classic–and we’d be talking about it for quite some time after!