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From UConn to Chuppah

From UConn to Chuppah 1280 853 adam Michaels

Some love stories are truly written in the stars. In the case of Amanda and Sam, that certainly is true!

Amanda and Sam met for the first time at the UConn, where they were both attending a welcome back to school event. Sam was a freshman, and Amanda was a sophomore–but that didn’t stop them from hitting it off. Soon after, Amanda was assigned to take him on an outing as part of a club mentorship… they hit it off, but stayed friends for a while. It wasn’t until their winter semester that they started dating. Even though all of that seems like yesterday, they got engaged in 2021, and Sunday, they tied the knot!

The weather was absolutely stunning for a late afternoon wedding, after a tempestuous heat wave just the day before! Le Chateau was the perfect setting; with beautiful greenery and bright skies, it was sure to be a wonderful day. After a gorgeous ceremony outside played with A-List band’s pianist, it was time to party. And everyone was ready to dance dance dance!

Quick cocktail session aside (played by our jazz trio of superstars), nothing could stand in the way of our party and their party (no pun intended)! After Amanda and Sam entered to “Forever“, there was no time to spare, and they got ready for their first dance. The A-List Band treated everyone to a pitch-perfect serenade of “Thinking Out Loud”, and there was not a single dry eye in the house! But everyone came to dance… so it was time for the Hora! Uproariously, everyone took part in the celebration, as the newlyweds tore up the dance floor surrounded by their friends and family.

Such an incredible moment of dance and song means that everyone earned a break. So what better time for a Father and Daughter dance? Just as everyone had recovered from the first dance, Amanda and her father spun around the floor to “Brown Eyed Girl.” After an upbeat break, it was time for some cake! And what better song than “Cake by the Ocean” to get everyone ready?

Post-dessert, everyone danced the night away, with everything from Dua Lipa to Elton John. By the end of the night, there were tons of stars in the Salem sky; but the biggest stars were Amanda and Sam, and everyone could not be more happy to celebrate such a lovely couple!