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A Stroll Through Whitby Castle

A Stroll Through Whitby Castle 150 150 adam Michaels

A Stroll Through Whitby Castle

Alyssa and Clifford met on Hinge. After a horrible last date, Alyssa matched with Clifford. He was too cute to pass up, so she messaged him first. After chatting back and forth for a bit that night, they decided to have a FaceTime date. They planned on a FaceTime date the next day after work. 

After their FaceTime date, Clifford asked her out and they decided to go on a last-minute online date. During the date, they had so much fun they kept adding activities to the date. What started as a quick bite to eat in the Lower East Side turned into a walk, a few games of arcades, a movie, and talking for hours. A few years later, they bought a house together and then the topic of marriage started to come up more and more. 

Every time they talked about it though Clifford mentioned the new house costs and wanting to wait to be able to buy Alyssa’s dream ring. Needless to say, Clifford had her convinced that a proposal was not coming anytime soon. So when he planned a trip to Upstate New York for her birthday weekend she didn’t think much of it. 

A part of her wondered, but the logical side of her knew it wasn’t happening. She didn’t even suspect anything the day when he insisted that they dress up to take a walk through Yaddo Gardens. He claimed he wanted to be dressed up because it was his first time at the Yaddo Gardens and wanted good pictures.

After a few hours of limping around the gardens in shoes that were giving her horrible blisters, Clifford started explaining how he’d been lying to her for months and that he was actually ready to get engaged! After a beautiful speech about their love, he knelt down and asked her to marry him. He had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and to take an engagement photo session afterward. They had so much fun floating around the grounds of the Yaddo Gardens taking photos. It felt like a dream!

Afterward, Clifford told her that he had her favorite ring made and that they were going to get married at Whitby Castle in Rye, New York to which she replied, “Stop teasing me. You know that’s my dream wedding”. 

Together they put so much thought into every little detail for their wedding day. Even down to being able to get the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment to perform for their very special day. What a treat! 

Alyssa and Clifford had almost 300 guests at the Whitby Castle, a striking resemblance to the original Whitby Abbey in England. The ceremony took place on the lawn and plenty of room for dancing while guests enjoyed the marriage of the bride and groom while a guitarist from  Around Town Entertainment performed an acoustic version of “Uptown Girl” Billy Joel. After Alyssa and Clifford exchanged your vows underneath the simple arch in front of the castle, guests retreated for cocktails on the outdoor patio, which offered gorgeous views of Milton Harbor. A jazz trio Around Town Entertainment entertained guests as they sipped on drinks and mingled.

From there, celebrations moved inside the castle, where a grandiose ballroom greeted guests as they entered the room. The ballroom featured a classic and contemporary decor, adding a magnificent glow and complemented the seasonal theme for the intimate gatherings. 

The Around Town Band took the stage and began the night with a powerful cover of “Everyday” Buddy Holly to introduce the bride and groom. Friends and family started dancing immediately and they wouldn’t stop until the night was over! The rest of the evening included highlights of the wedding band performing covers of Alyssa and Clifford’s favorite songs from Prince to The Strokes before the end of the night. 

So when we say it was a DREAM wedding from start to finish we really mean it! If you are planning a wedding you better go check this place out! Thank you to Alyssa and Clifford for making us be part of your special night!!

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Back to the Roaring ’20s

Back to the Roaring ’20s 150 150 adam Michaels

Back to the Roaring '20s

Joanne and Brian started out as cello partners in college. From chocolate croissants and holding hands for the first time in the movie theater to their first kiss in the snow, there was no one they would rather spend life with than each other.

One evening after leaving the cello class, Joanne went home to curl up in pajamas and rest. In the afternoon Brian told her he was going to go grocery shopping and about 20 minutes later she received a call from him. He had left the shopping list in his notebook! 

Getting up to find the list, Joanne found a white envelope labeled with names and numbers instead. Opening the note, she quickly discovered she was going on a scavenger hunt around Brooklyn. Written in rhymes and stamped with blue flowers, the hunt led her to their favorite museum, a sculpture garden, their favorite fishing spot, and lastly, Brian’s family home.

When they arrived at Brian’s a beautiful white dress, shoes, and pearl earrings awaited her. After changing, Brian led her outside for a walk, where they reminisced about their first date skiing, hiking together, and all the adventures they had been on.

After a few minutes of walking, they came to a beautiful picnic area, complete with rugs, chairs, cheesecake, and champagne. It was here where Brian got down on one knee. As Joanne turned around, she teared up and gave Brian the biggest hug and the biggest “Yes!” 

Around Town Entertainment provided the music for their wedding at 501 Union in Brooklyn, NY. The place is lovely, with a huge space and a lot of history. The building dates back to 1916 and once served as a classic car restoration shop. It was transformed into an event space in 2013 and now provides a unique backdrop for some of Brooklyn’s most stylish weddings. The building is located in Gowanus Brooklyn – a quaint community by the Gowanus Canal that is great for capturing the look of an urban wedding. 

They had their ceremony in the courtyard and cocktails in the lounge to begin the day. The beautiful ceremony space was open-air, with nice greenery and lights hanging from the back wall while a guitarist and pianist from Around Town Entertainment played classical music. The cocktail lounge was also gorgeous and the lighting was as great as guests listened to a jazz trio perform cover songs of 90s pop and alternative music like Oasis and Goo Goo Dolls so that was definitely a unique moment.

The skylight in the main room was gorgeous and the layout was perfect.  The bride and groom had about 80 guests in the space. The room’s sunroof was just magical as guests danced all night while the award-winning Around Town Band performed various songs by artists from Kelly Clarkson to Cyndi Lauper, the bride’s favorites!

All in all, we loved the chic 1920s vibe. It has a much different feel than any other venues we have played at. The bride and groom had a blast and their guests loved the music!  

Best wishes Joanne and Brian!

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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight 150 150 adam Michaels

Love at First Sight

When Nicholas and Nazlie were children, they met in first grade. They were always childhood friends growing up, moving through life from the same elementary school to the same high school, to the same university.

Their love for music brought them together for their “first date” in 2011 as freshmen in college. A good live electronic music festival, popcorn, and soda were all they needed to start dating. 

Over the years, Nicholas had considered himself a “master of surprises.” No matter how small, or large, he always found a way to catch Nazlie off guard. Nicholas first asked Nazlie to be his girlfriend in the parking lot outside a university dorm building with a simple, “Do you want to make this official, and be my girlfriend?”

9 years later, a few days after the New Year they were in Malta enjoying the Christmas markets. His dream was to see what the city of Valletta looked like. When they arrived, the Old Town square was immaculate with a large Christmas tree and lights much to the joy of Nicholas. Nazlie was looking up at the buildings, when Nicholas asked, “Do you remember what I asked you 9 years ago?” She acknowledged, recalling the parking lot at the university. He then turned to face her and asked, “Do you want to make this official- will you marry me?” 

As he knelt on one knee, her surprise was so evident. She stared at him for almost one full minute before grabbing his hands saying, “Yes!” From there, they journeyed and grew together. They supported each other during their undergraduate years, doing their best to get good grades, enjoy music, pizza, and beer. They cheered each other on when Nicholas got his first full-time job, added a full-time MBA program to his plate, and made the jump to NYC to live with Nazlie where they held their wedding at The Garrison in Garrison, NY.

The Garrison has a ton of history and Around Town Entertainment was honored when Nicholas and Nazlie invited us to perform for their very special day. The scenic wedding venue featured an indoor-outdoor event space where guests enjoyed dancing to high-energy music and cozy views of the dramatic surrounding landscape of the Hudson Highlands. 

A cellist provided by Around Town Entertainment set the mood for the day with a classic performance at The Garrison’s pristine garden, with dramatic views of the lush surrounding mountains rolling into the Hudson River. It was an absolutely perfect location on a perfect day. As the bride stepped inside the ceremony site, the cellist played “Make Me Feel Your Love.” Once the first kiss between bride and groom was made, a cover of “Viva LaVida” Coldplay was performed bringing smiles to their friends and family.

Guests then retreated to The Windgate Ballroom for the reception. This larger, but equally elegant space featured French doors that open out onto a stone terrace perfect for this romantic celebration. Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band was the main music act for the evening. 

The highlight of their performance was a cover of “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac during the bride and groom’s first dance.  The entire ballroom came to life after that and the rest of the night was truly epic! The After Party Band brought a high energy performance for the rest of the wedding. Everyone was raving about the music and we were so happy they had such a great time!

Best wishes to Nicholas and Nazlie!

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat 150 150 adam Michaels

Miami Heat

Allison and Patrick both first met when they were in high school through mutual friends. Both of their friends invited both of them to the movies to watch Seven Pounds. It turned out being a group thing and that’s where they both met. Both of them flirted here and there and once the movie was over, they went their separate ways. Patrick forgot to ask for her number but he realized that they had mutual friends on Facebook so he sent her a message there. After some back and forth, they stayed up many times on the phone until late getting to know each other. Five years later they are still going strong!

For Patrick’s spring break he suggested going to Miami, Florida to visit his best friends. The trip went by really fast and they were enjoying a last afternoon on the beach when Patrick walked up to tell Allison that he was going to go to the library to study. So he dropped her off at the house and left. A few hours later, Patrick told Allison that there was a music festival going on around South Beach and that he was going to come pick her up. At this point Allison was a little annoyed he had taken so long and spent most of the last day of vacation at the library. 

When they got to South Beach, there was no music festival going on. After walking around the beach for around 15 minutes, Patrick took her hand and led her to candles dug in the sand in the shape of a heart with two beach chairs and two wine glasses along with Allison’s favorite pink Prosecco. He told her to step into the heart and he got on one knee and asked if she would marry him and continue to explore life together for the rest of their lives! It was a beautiful, romantic proposal!

The couple chose the Guilford Yacht Club in Guilford, Connecticut to have their wedding. It was exactly what they were looking for- New England charm, on the marina, a hotel, and about 2-3 hours from their hometown. Not to mention, the venue’s beautifully manicured lawns, outdoor terrace, and decor provide an excellent backdrop for wedding day photos.

They enlisted Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band to bring the wedding’s music entertainment to life. The bride and groom went for an elegant beach themed wedding and it was perfect for the wedding. An intimate and elegant cocktail hour outside started off the very important day as guests poured into the venue. As guests enjoyed the cocktails and views of Long Island Sound on the stunning great lawn, they were treated with an amazing performance from a jazz trio provided by Around Town Entertainment. 

After that, everyone headed back inside for the reception. The interior of the Yacht Club boasts beautiful hardwood floors and neutral tones. There were 200 guests anxiously waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance. As they entered, the After Party Band played a cover of the couple’s favorite song, “Style” by Taylor Swift to the much enjoyment of the crowd as they smiled and cheered. The rest of the night was as perfect with intimate dances to classic pop songs from friends and family. Guests couldn’t stop talking about the outstanding performances by the wedding band all night! Every aspect of the wedding was amazing from start to finish! 

We will forever cherish the memories! Thank you Allison and Patrick!

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The Piano Arrangement

The Piano Arrangement 150 150 adam Michaels

The Piano Arrangement

Zachary and Irma met through a piano class during one summer. They were both very nervous to be in a new setting, around new people. Zachary was always very friendly, always going out his way to talk to Irma. Although she was not ready to open up to a new relationship at the time, his friendship and persistence stuck with her. A few months later, they went on their first date. They both knew that their relationship was something special right from the start.

The proposal Zachary had planned was a complete surprise! It was absolutely perfect. One day her friend picked Irma up, and they drove to the piano class together. They did this all the time, so she didn’t think anything of it.

As she walked in the building, she saw a sign pointing to her through another door. When Irma opened the door, she heard music and was handed roses by some of her classmates. When she turned the corner, Zachary was sitting there in the same place they met in class. He started playing a piano instrumental cover of Kanye West’s Runaway. When he finished, he got on one knee and asked Irma to marry him. After they kissed, cheers broke out! When the lights came on, all their closest friends and family members came out to take pictures to remember the unforgettable moment. 

Zachary and Irma married at the Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn, NY. The venue itself is beautiful and the location is great! We were happy to be back at the Greenpoint Loft  performing and even more excited to play in front of Zachary and Irma’s friends and family!  

The bride and groom had 100 people and the venue fit everyone comfortably for the day ceremony. Guests were surrounded by beautiful large windows around the space that overlooked the Manhattan skyline. As the bride walked down the aisle to meet the groom, a pianist provided by Around Town Entertainment performed an instrumental cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The bride and groom then chose “A Whole New World” Aladdin as their recessional song, ending a very romantic ceremony.

The cocktails and reception were held on the second floor rooftop, overlooking the main floor. There was a gorgeous balcony there and everyone enjoyed drinks with a background of the East River and Manhattan! Guests kept talking about how wonderful the space is and how good the music from Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio was. The weather was beautiful so guests spent the majority of their time outside relaxing by the fireplace while listening to the jazz trio. 

Once the party moved into a rustic barn for the reception, it turned the NYC skyline view into part of the wedding decor! With views of NYC, the reception’s location was outstanding! The couple chose Around Town Entertainment’s Around Town Band for their live music because of their constant high energy and infamous cover songs. The space and music was perfect for guests to dance all night and sing classic hits together. Some of the favorite artists covered by the wedding band included Robyn, Chance the Rapper, Alice Merton, and many more! 

Zachary and Irma are still raving about how gorgeous and original the space is and how much they loved the music from Around Town Entertainment! The Greenpoint Loft will truly blow any type of guest away. We are very appreciative for having to play at this venue!

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Hitched in the Catskills

Hitched in the Catskills 150 150 adam Michaels

Hitched in the Catskills

Hope had just got off work when a dear friend asked if she wanted to go to Queens for the Subway Series baseball game. Brian was asked by his close friends to go to the Subway Series game, as well. Their friends forced them both to go. In fact, both friends’ groups were planning on meeting up. Once they got there, Hope and Brian were introduced to each other. Brian bought Hope a beer and they have been inseparable ever since!

Hope was a busy music teacher so one weekend Brian decided to take her on a weekend getaway to relax and recover. He surprised her by taking her to the Catskill Mountains! 

He purposely said he found a hotel room with a big bathtub so she could take long relaxing baths. As Hope was resting on the porch, she decided it was time to take that long bath he kept hinting at. As she soaked into the bath, she heard Brian rustling around in the room. When she finally got out of the tub, she opened the door and immediately noticed a sea of tea light candles lit in a path on the floor. 

As she turned the corner, she saw more tiny tea light candles leading a path to where Brian was standing on the other side of the room. As she walked towards him, he grabbed her hands and popped the question

The two continued to melt in love throughout their entire wedding day at Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst, New York.  Hope and Brian had a beautiful ceremony to begin the day. A pianist from Around Town Entertainment played a cover of Christina Perri “A Thousand Years”  as Hope walked down the aisle in her Madison James dress.  Guests were anxious to see the bride and groom’s first kiss as a married couple. When the pianist played Coldplay “A Sky Full of Stars,” they knew this was it! The moment was magical as the two lovebirds embraced and became husband and wife.

From the ceremony, everyone headed to the reception room at Temple Beth El where they watched Hope and Brian’s first dance. The room was decorated with creams, whites, and blues- the couple’s favorite colors. Each table had lovely centerpieces with table settings to match. The couple cut their wedding cake as they enjoyed a very special performance from Around Town Entertainment’s award winning Around Town Band!

The rest of the evening went on as planned with everyone on their feet dancing the whole night. Hope and Brian loved that they had the chance to have fun with family and friends and sing along to some of their favorite songs from Lady Gaga to Billy Joel! 

This Temple Beth El Cedarhurst wedding was so much fun and Around Town Entertainment is happy to have had the chance to be a part of it! 

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A Walk in Central Park

A Walk in Central Park 150 150 adam Michaels

A Walk in Central Park

Central Park was a perfect location for this surprise marriage proposal! Emily and Tyler are the sweetest! They’re both New Yorkers who moved to Hawaii and coincidentally met there! They had a spark right away and it hasn’t faded one bit! 

Tyler had this spot specifically chosen for the proposal, as it is Emily’s favorite spot in New York. She used to live a few blocks from Central Park and come here to take in the view of the reservoir and the skyline. 

On the day of the proposal, Emily and Tyler arrived in the park hand in hand and looked out into the horizon, holding each other and taking in the view. It was perfect end-of-the-summer weather for walking in the park. It was clear that Tyler is a romantic, loves Emily deeply, and wanted to make this moment as special as possible. 

So Tyler took out his phone during the walk and played Lifehouse “You and I” as he began singing the sweet lyrics to Emily. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Yes, there were tears. It was beautiful. And she said yes! It truly was a beautiful moment, carefully planned and properly taken in!

Madison Beach Hotel hosted their wedding. The Madison Beach Hotel is an intimate, upscale boutique-style hotel, perfect for hosting wedding celebrations on the Connecticut Shoreline. The couple invited Around Town Entertainment to be a part of their very special day and we’re so happy that they did. The beautiful views and aesthetics combined with live music provided by Around Town Entertainment created an amazing backdrop as guests ate, drank, and celebrated the night away! 

The day started outside with a ceremony on the lawn overlooking the water while a pianist from Around Town Entertainment played acoustic background music– such a beautiful, intimate setting! It was exactly what Emily and Tyler had always dreamed of. Around Town Entertainment created a unique playlist designed for Emily and Tyler’s very own unique style. After the exchange of vows and kisses, guests enjoyed the sunset together, which was truly remarkable and made memories that will last a lifetime.

The guests then walked into the cocktail hour. They were able to overlook the water as they snacked on delectable and plentiful passed hors d’oeuvres and stations and helped themselves to open bars. With the sun quickly setting, a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment entertained guests with charming music accompanying the lovely views of the water!

Next, guests made their way into the massive ballroom for the reception. Waiting there was Around Town Entertainment’s A-List Band. The wedding band started their playlist with “Love on Top” Beyonce as the bride and groom made their grand appearance. The stage was glamorous as it looked prettier than we could have even imagined. From the table settings to the flowers to the packed dance floor, the night was a dream. 

The A-List Band executed a well-designed playlist from Emily and Tyler’s requests including a mix of songs from the Motown/funk and classic dance genres throughout the night. Guests didn’t want the evening to end and neither did we as they remained on the dancefloor! 

It was the happiest day of Emily and Tyler’s life. Around Town Entertainment was so happy to have been a part of their love story.

We wish them an amazing life together! 

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Around the World 

Around the World  150 150 adam Michaels

Around the World 

When Samantha met Matthew at a party, it was love at first sight. They have been inseparable ever since. They have been all over the world together working for San Jose State University. They loved to travel around Europe and had a lot of fun hiking, camping, and doing things they both love.

In fact, Samantha was working in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2019 for the University when Matthew decided to meet up to make it a European trip. They then flew from Prague to Munich where they took a train to Budapest. There they stayed for several days checking out the sights and having a blast in a country they both have never been to. 

After that, they flew from Budapest to Paris so that they could spend three days at Disney Paris! Samantha was a huge fan of Disney and it was a dream of hers to go there since childhood. When they arrived at Disney Paris, they did everything (rides, food, parades, etc.). Matthew surprised her with an amazing dinner at a fancy, secluded 5 star restaurant. They then stayed up to watch the fireworks since they both loved them so much. 

When the firework show ended, Matthew proposed to Samantha by going on one knee and holding the ring box. It was magical and awesome! From Paris they flew to Munich to spend two days in Munich before the long flight back home to California.

When they got back to California, they immediately planned their wedding. Having grown up on the other side of Bethpage Park, the couple always had an eye on the Heritage Club in Farmingdale, New York. They had family there so it made perfect sense to book their dream wedding at a venue upstate. 

The Heritage Club at Bethpage stands as one of the most celebrated event venues in New York State. The venue itself is beautifully designed, and their wedding day on December 31, 2020 was absolutely perfect! 

The evening started with cocktails in The Heritage Room where a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment played classical music as friends and family arrived. Guests raved about the music wedding, describing the scene as “simply elegant.”

After that, guests moved to the Ballroom for dinner and more dancing. The Ballroom was breathtaking with floor to ceiling windows all around the room that showed the views of the golf course. The Around Town Band introduced the bride and groom by playing the hit song “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The couple then held their first dance while the wedding band played a cover of “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. Next the father and daughter held a slow dance to “Drive” by The Cars, while the mother and son performed a special rendition of “Humble and Kind” Tim McGraw. 

At midnight, the bride and groom held another special dance to “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates to ring in the New Year. The rest of the night  was highlighted by an assortment of old school hits from pop to rock including covers of Billy Joel, Ace of Base, Sting, The Police, Culture Club, Billy Idol, Dead Or Alive, and so much more! The venue rolled out the red carpets and the music delivered was beyond AMAZING! 

Thanks to Samantha and Matthew for a wonderful start to 2021! They are the A-team!!!!

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Back at One

Back at One 150 150 adam Michaels

Back at One

Krysten and Michael met at an event they were invited to by a mutual friend in New York City. After the event, they followed each other on Instagram and kept in contact but had no expectations of it going any further because Krysten lived in Texas and Michael resided in New York at the time. The two could no longer ignore how they felt and the two decided to enter into a long-distance relationship a year later.  After some time, Krysten was able to get transferred to NYC for work and ever since then, their chemistry has been unmatched.  

The engagement proposal occurred as a second surprise gift from Michael for Krysten’s birthday. On the day of the proposal, the limo service picked up the couple and they made their way to the Midtown area of New York City. After amazing conversation over an exquisite lobster tail, salmon, and cocktails, the limo service picked them up and took them to the second location. The pair walked into the venue and blasting out the speaker was Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” with a few of their closest family members and friends in attendance. Michael was able to deliver his speech and successfully get down on one knee, and the rest was a dream come true!

After long hours of planning, Michael and Krysten chose The Highlands Country Club at Garrison, NY for their destination wedding. They also secured Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band as the musical act for the evening! Everything was finally in place for their special moments. 

From the start, the wedding took our breath away. The space had so much charm and it was the perfect venue to play in. The pianist from Around Town Entertainment took advantage of the gorgeous outdoor grounds and played an emotional set for the ceremony. Every moment from the bride walking down the aisle to the exchange of vows had a feeling full of wedding vibes like we never felt before. The venue also made guests feel properly secluded while surrounded by the rolling mountains in the Hudson Valley creating an intimate modern luxury meets old-world charm feel. 

The transition to cocktail hour and then the reception was also seamless. Around Town Entertainment provided a jazz trio that played the classic standards and spirited music as guests mingled and relaxed. The views of the outdoor grounds and twinkling lights set a very romantic scene. 

Krysten and Michael’s wedding reception was intimate, with 80 guests. The Main Ballroom was set up with plenty of room in the lovely lounge area with plush furniture in front of the dancefloor. The huge fireplace was a unique touch, filled with photo frames of Krysten and Michael as guests entered the building.  The guests felt encouraged to dance from the high energy music and the dance floor was always packed as the After Party Band played the bride and groom’s requests to include covers from classic artists like Rod Stewart, George Strait, and many more all night! 

From the jazz trio, fireplaces, chandeliers to the beautiful bride and groom, this was a gorgeous and truly special wedding. What an amazing place to get married. Our hope is to play here again one day!

Congratulations Krysten and Michael!

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Caught on Film

Caught on Film 150 150 adam Michaels

Caught on Film

It was freshman year at college in New York when Dana first met Leigh. They became friends and it turned into something more several years after the two had graduated. At that time, Dana was working in retail merchandising in Manhattan and Leigh was employed at a tech company in San Jose, California. Though miles separated them, their relationship flourished. After two years and 100+ flights, Dana knew they’d be together forever when Leigh moved north to live in Brooklyn.

Though the subject of marriage didn’t come up in conversation, the 10 weddings they attended in one calendar year certainly brought it to mind. Dana felt the time was right to propose. But it wouldn’t be just a simple kneel-and-present-the-ring kind of situation. 

The setting was at the San Francisco Ferry Building, one of Leigh’s favorite spots in the city and one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world. Dana had to stage 8 “stations” across the building, each with a person from Leigh’s life there to guide her through to the next one. Right when she was dropped off at the Ferry Building, she was greeted with an embrace from one of her college roommates. From there, she was taken to other stations, where she was met by other friends, who either performed a flash-mob line-dance, painted a portrait for her, strummed a song on a guitar, posed for a picture, or recapped a poignant memory from their friendship. 

Close to the final station, her mom, dad, brothers, and sister-in-law, who had also flown in for this, greeted her. That’s when she broke down. The final station was theoretically set up to be another moment she would never forget: getting proposed to!

They were married at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, N.J. The Madison Hotel is gorgeous.. think vintage victorian. So we were beyond happy when Dana and Leigh invited Around Town Entertainment to play on their special day!

The ceremony took place at The Madison Hotel’s beautiful Conservatory.  The planters and decor in the Conservatory set a lovely atmosphere for a wedding in any season. From the walk down the aisle to the exchange of vows, Around Town Entertainment created a musical journey that expressed Dana and Leigh’s individuality and transformed the exchange of vows into a moment that they will treasure forever. The pianist from Around Town Entertainment was also a stunning addition as he played a wonderful selection of emotional instrumentals perfect for the occasion all the way until the end of the ceremony!

The reception was held in the magnificent Glynallynn Ballroom. Around Town Entertainment’s Around Town Band was the main act for the evening. The stage was set inside the 4,000-square-foot Glynallynn Ballroom surrounded by magnificent chandeliers and warm ambient lighting. The wedding band set an intimate and stylish tone from the start with a cover of Bruno Mars “Treasure” as the bride and groom made their grand entrance.  Immediately everyone loved the music. Guests raved about the wedding band all night as the wedding band played a high-energy playlist for the rest of the night which included artists like Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, and Fall Out Boy! What an absolutely exquisite wedding!

Thank you so much to Dana and Leigh! It was a truly amazing day!

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