Finally Hitting the Top of the Waitlist

Finally Hitting the Top of the Waitlist 974 564 adam Michaels

Here at Around Town Entertainment, we have a particular soft spot for engagements that came to be in the time of quarantine. There are so many beautiful stories about what went into the planning of the beginning of the rest of their lives. And Jessica and Shaun were no different! After seeing so many people get quarantine dogs, Jessica joking talked about getting one. So when Shaun proposed, he joked that he had a choice between a dog and an engagement ring–and because the waitlist was too long, they got engaged! By the time they made it to their special day, they were probably at the top of the waitlist. But that didn’t matter, because it was time to party!

The weekend started off without a hitch, with rosy warm weather, and clear skies. The Country Club in Waterbury was a perfect spot! With the ceremony off site, the party arrived to the country club ready for some drinks! Our cocktail trio, had a wonderful time underscoring the post-ceremony conversation with smooth, jazzy tunes. By the end of the cocktail hour, the entire party was ready for some dancing and dining!

With cocktail hour at an end, the party took their seats. The classic country club architecture was gorgeous overhead, as the happy couple, officially husband and wife, entered the party to “Family Affair”, beautifully sung by our very own Julia!  Before everyone else got the chance to cut a rug, it was time for the first dance. It was a lovely choice, “She’s My Kind of Rain”! Of course, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the house, but it was time to shed a few more with the parent and child dances! Jessica and Mark danced to “Always on My Mind”, and Shaun and Rita danced to “The Baby”! As a surprise, there was a special third dance for Jessica and her Mom, Helen! Together, they danced to “Because You Loved Me“.

With tears sufficiently shed, the party needed a boost–perhaps best served in the form of a sugar rush? As everyone made their way to the cake, the band treated them to “I Can’t Help Myself“. And boy, was the cake worth it! With a delicious break over, everyone else was ready to cut a rug. And a rug was indeed cut! There were so many highlights of the night, but the party particularly loved the band’s stellar performance of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”, the band’s lead female vocalists’ killer riffs on “Faithfully”, and the big surprise of the night… songs sung by Mark! We were super excited for him to join us for not one, but two songs, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Proud Mary“! After that, the night took off, and there was plenty more dancing!

As everyone spent the rest of the night dancing away, Jessica and Shaun spent the night dancing into their future. The amazing views, pretty weather, and awesome songs were of course great fun, but they were the real stars! After spending so long waiting for their happy ending, the waitlist spot finally arrived. And it was just as beautiful and sweet as they imagined. (And maybe one day, that dog can also be on the table!)